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That all depends on individual factors that includes, among many other factors, weight, exercise, genetics, hormones and beta-cells, those cells that produce insulin in your pancreas. Research shows that managing your diabetes early in the disease process can have big payoffs in later years. Joining a support group for people with diabetes can be helpful in keeping you going in your health quest. Following up with your health care team regularly and keeping abreast on the new developments in diabetes management can also benefit you.
Yes. There are genetic factors. There are some people that are born with certain genes that predispose them to stroke. One such condition would be CADASIL (cerebral autosomal-dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy). If you are interested, I am sure you can learn more about this condition from the Web. Some people are born with genetic conditions that predispose them to clotting.
Albuterol is usually the primary "rescue" or short-term medicine that is used to help acute asthma symptoms, such as coughing or wheezing. When a patient needs to use albuterol to relieve daytime symptoms more than twice per week, however, it usually reflects the need to use daily "controller" or anti-inflammatory medications. Many people are concerned about possible side effects of inhaled steroids, which are the largest group of "controller" medications available.
There are number of injections, and they basically are used to block the pain generators that are believed to be the cause of pain. These have been used for decades for pain control. Some need only one injection and some may need more than one to get adequate relief. There is no permanent solution that is consistent for these pain generators.
The scientific evidence on the role of diet in autoimmune diseases such as lupus is just becoming available. I am a believer that a plant-based diet is helpful in promoting overall health and decreasing the chemicals that cause inflammation. I advocate a plant-based diet along with a very low-fat diet. You have to recall that French fries are vegan but they are not exactly healthy. I think that exercise and healthy diet are extremely important for everyone, but more so for those with autoimmune diseases.
High-profile implants can allow you to have more volume in a narrower width. Like implant volume, this decision is based on your anatomy. If a woman chooses a 350 cc [implant size], a high-profile implant will offer a lot of projection, but if she is too broad in the chest, the implant will not be wide enough. A skilled surgeon can guide these decisions and make sure you get the desired aesthetic result.
Please call 24 hours earlier to book for pick and drop arrangement and share your schedule with us.
Please inform us at least 2 (two) hours earlier about the cancelation.
Order placed between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm – Current Day Delivery Order placed after 4:00 pm – Next Day Delivery
For any changes, please inform us by calling at +8801304449907 at least 3 hours before the delivery time. If medicine is already delivered and you want to change, we will change the medicine with extra delivery charge. However, if incorrect/damaged medicine is sent be the medicine delivery service provider, so delivery charge is applicable.
Damaged medicine can be returned within two days of delivery. No delivery charge will be applicable
Our online medicine partner (Dactarbari Pharmacy) is successfully running online healthcare platform in the pharmaceutical industry & they have the proper licensing for selling pharmaceutical products. They import medicines only from authorized pharmaceuticals company.
Medicine delivery charge is free up to 12 times. After that, delivery charge is applicable @BDT 50.00 per delivery.
Minimum order amount is BDT 250.00 per delivery.
It is the first "Online Doctor Appointment And Online Medicine Shopping" service in Bangladesh to get a doctor's appointment and buy medicine by phone or via web site / mobile app.
With us, there are more than 500 hospital doctors registered in different districts of the country whose appointment will be available.
After determining the type of disease, the location and date of the doctor to be shown in the search box by visiting, a doctor list will be displayed, from which you can select your desired doctor and make an appointment. Within a short time of clicking on "REQUEST APPOINTMENT" our "Call Center Executive" will call you and confirm the appointment and you will be sent an SMS detailing the appointment.
Yes. If the doctor you are searching for is registered with us, it will certainly be available in search results.
The time specified in the dactarbari for any other reasons, such as busyness in the doctor's chamber and when the doctor shows the patient in the chamber, may be slightly less.

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